Bald Eagle Unisex Perforated Lenses Sunglasses


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InterestPrintĀ® Unisex Perforated Lenses Sunglasses

Type: Custom Sunglasses, Unisex, for Novelty Use


  • 4.23 Oz. Durable Polycarbonate frames and AC+Polycarbonate lenses.
  • Perforated lens design allows good visibility. Special glasses protect your eyes perfectly.
  • Hard plastic durable construction with your ideal design.
  • Funny pattern design. Fit for many indoor or outdoor activities.
  • Note: Artwork with small details may not stay in tact on the lenses due to their pinhole design.
  • Designed for novelty use. Do not drive or perform important activities while wearing glasses.

Additional information

Weight 120.000 oz

One Size


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